Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose an Alpine building?

See the benefits of using an Alpine building system at

What materials are used in an Alpine structure?

We use a combination of durable steel and versatile timber. Read why at

What areas of New Zealand can Alpine supply buildings to?

We offer free delivery to most locations in New Zealand. You can read more about delivery here:

How long will it take from order to delivery?

Once building consent is approved, typically we can deliver your shed within 2-3 weeks. This can be brought forward or put off depending on your current situation. You can read more about leadtimes here:

What is the Hot-Box Rafter?

The ‘Hot-Box Rafter’ by Alpine Buildings is New Zealand’s first completely hot dip galvanised birdproof rafter. You can read more about it at

How do I get a price on a shed?

You can request a price for a shed at or call our friendly team on 0800 428 453.

Do you have a warranty?

The team at Alpine go the extra mile for the generations to come. Alpine supply the most robust sheds in NZ and work in with your local council to provide a building consent that covers your structure for minimum 50 years (the maximum allowed). Replaceable accessories such as doors, guttering, clearlight and most claddings are not classed as structural elements, and have their own life expectancies based on product warranty.

How can you birdproof my shed?

The Alpine Zero-Bird-Perch system eliminates places for birds to perch and nest in the rafters. This is the best form of bird-proofing as the birds soon realise that there is nowhere for them to rest inside the roof cavity your shed!


What decisions do I need to make before getting a quote?
What size sheds can you do?

We can supply sheds from 9m up to 35m clearspan, and however long you want to go!

What size span and bay widths do you do?

We carry 9m,12m,15m, 18m and 21m steel rafter spans in stock, ready to go. Anything outside of this is ready to be made-to-order with materials held in stock.

Bay widths vary depending on the construction and can be tailored to suit your needs or adjusted for maximum efficiency.

Our Tidyspan range allows for larger spans and wider bay sizes. See

What colours & profiles can I have?

We can supply Zincalume or Coloursteel cladding in corrugated or 5-rib profiles. Our standard cladding is Zincalume corrugated on the roof and Zincalume 5-rib on the walls.

You can check out our Coloursteel chart here. For colour examples, browse our gallery.

How much extra does it cost to upgrade to Coloursteel cladding?

Alpine’s pricing system can work this out “fast as”, so just flick us an email or ring 0800 428 453. Remember to have your quote number or job reference handy, and one of the team will be able to help you out.

My property is in a high wind zone; are your buildings designed for this?
Can I have a roof pitch to suit my house?

Yes, we can arrange that for you. Just let the team know when you are requesting a quote and they will make sure it happens for you.

What door options do you provide?

We can supply roller doors and PA doors. We can also supply the cladding for sliding doors, but we recommend you get these made by a local engineering company. We can source other doors as requested; please talk to your salesman for further advice.

Can I have a canopy or overhanging roof?

Yes, that is no problem at all. You can have a canopy or an overhanging roof on your shed.

What construction design options do you offer?

We can custom design any shed to suit your requirements. We offer gable roof sheds, lean-to's, and can also supply steel portals for wide spans.

Can I start with the basics and add more features such as skylights later on?

Yes, that can be arranged. However, it is a lot easier to work out what you need from the start, and often works out cheaper.

Can your buildings be customised?

Absolutely, all of our buildings are 'custom made'. Just let us know what you are after and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Where are Alpine sheds designed?

All Alpine sheds are designed in New Zealand to the NZ building code and signed off by an engineer.

Can I make my shed habitable?

Alpine do not supply habitable sheds, as we specialise in large clearspan agricultural buildings only. Although Alpine sheds are designed very strong, a habitable building is a higher importance level building, and we would recommend you do a google search for a company that advertises habitable sheds.


How do I get a quote?

You can request a price for a shed at or call our friendly team on 0800 428 453.

How long is my quote valid for?

This can be found at the bottom of your quote; If it is an 'estimate', give your sales contact a call to see if he can lock the price in for you. If in doubt, feel free to ask the team for assistance.

What are the steps from ordering to install?
What payment options do you provide?

Currently you can pay us by cheque or bank deposit. You can also use your Farmlands card.

Do I have to pay for the shed in full when I place my order?

No, generally we only require a 20% deposit to help us get the plans underway. Your payment terms will be stated on your agreement once you have ordered your shed. If in doubt or you need special terms, please talk to your salesman.


Do I need a building consent?

Yes, your farm building should have a building consent. The standard exceptions are:
a) Your shed is less than 10m2 in size. Or a carport 20m2 or less.
b) You are building within the footprint area of a previous shed that you are replacing or repairing. See Schedule 1: Part 1.7 of the Building Act 2004 for more details.

How do I get a building consent?

Part of Alpine’s service includes working with your local council to supply you with the approved building consent.

How far can I build from the boundary?

This depends on the setback regulations stated in your council's district plan. If you are having trouble finding out, feel free to call your local council or our building consent team.

How long will my shed take to go through council?

Councils aim to process a consent in 20 working days or less. This can vary quite a bit depending on how busy the council are or how complex your project is. If an RFI (request for further information) is put on your project, the clock is stopped. However, if we receive an RFI for your project, we work with you to get the extra information quickly so this doesn't hold your project up.

How long do I have after my consent is approved to start building my shed?

You can start building as soon as your consent is approved, as long as all other requirements are met, such as needing a resource consent. If you don’t start work within 12 months (or other time limit specified by the Building Consents Authority) the building consent will lapse. You can ask for more time if required.


How long will the shed take to build?

Depending on a number of factors, your shed could take as little as one week to build. The time will vary depending on the size of your shed, the number of builders, weather conditions, etc.

What site preparation do I need to do before building?

You will need to scrape out your site and make it level before starting building work. If you have purchased a kitset, you will also need to drill post holes. Ensure you are aware of any buried water mains or electricity cables before you start digging. We also recommend that you spread the site with gravel (and compact it well if you are having a concrete floor).

Do you provide an installation service?

We do provide an installation service in some areas and we also have many loyal and experienced builders throughout New Zealand. If you need help sourcing a reliable builder, we can help you out.

What ongoing maintenance will my shed need?

Your shed won't require a lot of ongoing maintenance. The hot dipped steel rafters are well protected and won't need repainting with time like required with other systems. Depending on your location, the exterior cladding should be washed down regularly with water and a soft brush such as a car-wash brush.

Can I build the shed myself?

Absolutely! You don't need to be a qualified builder to install an Alpine shed. Alpine’s kitsets cater for every skill level, from home handyman to the serious builder. All Alpine’s timber is pre-dried, making it light weight, straight and safe to build. With the triple checking, extra grading and pre-cutting of as many beams as possible, you can be assured of the fastest building on the NZ market to install. If you have ever tried our Steel rafter system you will know first-hand the pre-welded J-hangers make the install of purlins quick and easy. We also include full instructions with all our kitsets just in case anyone actually needs them!

What is included in the shed kitset?

Building a shed can be a brain drain if you aren’t sure where to start. With Alpine, all materials are provided except the concrete and any concrete related components. We will provide all screws, bolts, nails, and all other components you require.

Do you include install instructions?

Yes, we provide simple and straight forward instructions ... just in case you actually need them!

Can I have a concrete floor?

Absolutely! Structurally, our sheds don't usually require a concrete floor; but we can include a concrete floor on your plans if required.

What thickness concrete floor does my shed require?

Structurally, our sheds don't usually require a concrete floor; but we can include a concrete floor on your plans to your required thickness and specification.

Can my shed be relocated after installation?

Yes, this is possible. We have sold many of our field day display sheds which have then been relocated to a new site. You may however need to use new poles as these are concreted into the ground.

Can I add onto my shed at a later date, or add more options such as a canopy?

Yes, this is also possible; however it is always more cost-effective to do it all in one go.

What other materials will I need to build my shed?

Building a shed can be a brain drain if you aren’t sure where to start. With Alpine, all materials are provided except the concrete and any concrete related components. We will provide all screws, bolts, nails, and all other components you require.