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Our Story

Alpine Buildings is owned & operated within New Zealand, supplying the fastest and easiest to install kitset sheds on the market. We are a family owned business, with the founding director having more than 45 years practical experience.

After a long time in the building industry, Alpine Industries was started by the current owners in the early 1990’s manufacturing letterboxes and doing general building work, which quickly progressed to kitset farm buildings. Alpine was the first company in New Zealand to supply ‘truly complete’ kitset sheds.

We still continue this tradition of excellence, and continuous development takes place to ensure our sheds are the easiest and fastest on the market to install. If you require a quality, strong AND birdproof farm shed anywhere in New Zealand, the team at Alpine Buildings are ready to help you with your project.

Our Vision

Be a cutting edge organisation, providing smarter, faster, better buildings.

Our Mission

Do something better everyday.

Award Winning

  • Proud Recipients of the Jubilee Award for Spirit of Fieldays at Mystery Creek 2016. Awarded to Alpine Buildings for 'fully embracing the culture of health and safety' as a priority.

  • Winners of the 'Best Large Site' Award at South Island Agricultural Field Days 2017.

  • Awarded ‘Best Overall Site’ at South Island Agricultural Field Days 2021.



From John Brewerton’s Timaru backyard in the 1990’s, the company began selling letterboxes, plaster mouldings, carports & doing general building work including farm buildings.

Early 2000's

The Alpine team was focusing solely on farm buildings. From client feedback, we discovered that there was a high market demand for a genuinely birdproof clearspan shed. The team worked with engineers and existing clients to develop the first 9m widebox-section rafter, designed with the aim to minimise places for birds to perch. This gave farmers a cost-effective birdproof alternative to the truss designs that were commonly used at the time.


We developed a steel rafter that could clearspan 15m, in response to requests from clients for a shed wide enough to store a tractor hitched to an implement.


The Gore install team built the first XL Steel Structure shed. This unique portal design is 18m wide with steel legs, and uses the same smartbox-section rafter as previous designs.


Alpine developed the XL Structural Steel designs to clearspan 30m wide.


Alpine released the Hot Box Rafter®. We now hot-dip galvanise all standard designs, giving a coating that is more advanced than the previous duragalv and paint system. Hot-dip galv is 2.5 times thicker than any other steel protection coating on the market, and gives Alpine customers the peace of mind they deserve.


Hot on the heels of the Hot-Box Rafter launch, we developed a much-anticipated steel rafter on timber poles that could clearspan 18m. This design has all the benefits of previous designs such as pre-welded purlin cleats, bird-perch-free rafters and hot dip galv.


Brought more new innovations to the table. We launched a steel rafter that can span 21m, changed our steel rafters to a single box-section and updated our XL steel portal design.


Alpine Buildings rebranded and launched an all new website.


In 2020 we hired more in house design team members to provide our clients with a more whole and comprehensive service. With the growth of large scale building requests, we launched a whole new brand – XL Structural Steel. This provides large clearspan sheds to the commercial sector, and with this came an all new website. Late 2020 we stepped up things with the Alpine shed design by using the Steelbone purlin. These provide wider bay widths which are proving popular in contractor and hay storage sheds.

The future!

We are always looking to improve our products and we have more innovations on the way! But it is not always about big design changes like larger spans and hot-dip galvanising. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our kitset; be it the materials we supply or the quality of the timber. We are excited to hear any suggestions YOU might have ...You never know, it just might be the beginning of the next big thing!

Core Values

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Own the vision, make it yours

Our actions say it all. They show we believe in the product, company and people. It gives meaning and guarantees quality, passion produces excellence.

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Obliging, nimble & responsive

We respond in a helpful manner to tasks, needs and queries. With a flexible mindset, it's in us to embrace change & challenges by adjusting quickly. We're active. We're adaptive. Speed stuns.

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Trustworthy, genuine & caring

We are a team with strong genuine morals, doing the right things even when nobody notices. We listen and provide valuable advice through experience, resulting in the best possible outcome for needs and requirements. We care for all.

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Stay focused & accurate

A reliable bunch that are always there for our clients and colleagues. The team's outstanding work ethic, dedication, knowledge and experience provides a platform for accurate and consistent results.

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Being the best & believing in better

Mediocrity is not an option. Always striving to be the best. We continually innovate & improve to achieve customer delight and satisfaction.

Why choose alpine

From our bird-proof design to free nationwide delivery there are a number of reasons why you should choose an Alpine Buildings shed. Discover all of them here.

Why Choose Alpine

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With over 20 years of experience building kitset sheds our team are the perfect partner for your needs.

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