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UltraBay by Alpine Buildings
Extra wide bay kitset shed
Wider Bays 7-10 metres wide

UltraBay the new generation Alpine shed!


Exclusive to Alpine Buildings, the UltraBay design features a unique steel purlin design that allows bay widths up to 10 meters wide providing the ability to store larger machinery and maximize storage.

Why choose UltraBay?

UltraBay Steel Purlin

Even more storage space.

Typically, standard shed designs only fit one machine per bay. With UltraBay, clients are fitting 2 -3 items wide in each bay, a better use of shed space, and more efficient cost of ownership for the items stored inside it.

Harness the benefits of birdproof rafter systems.

The UltraBay design has been created to align with the original market leading Alpine Buildings system. This can be paired with either timber beam construction, or with the revolutionary Alpine clearspan steel rafter design.

Engineered strength.

The strong and compact purlin design is triangular shaped, providing maximum strength & stability to the construction of your shed.

Experienced team.

With UltraBay, you will still get the full Alpine Buildings experience. We look after the process from consent right through to delivery of the kitset, and installation options as required.

See The Difference

Use the slider to compare the difference between an UltraBay shed VS a standard pole shed.

Extra wide implement storage shed Kitset farm shed

UltraBay Benefits

Store more equipment per bay

Space is used more efficiently

Easier to manoeuvre machinery inside with fewer poles

Better access to machinery

Ability to have larger openings and doors

Enclosed steel section provides a birdproof environment

Extra wide bays for storing implement equipment

UltraBay At Work

Hay and implement storage shed

Hay & Implement Storage

Dimensions: 38.4m x 30.8m Height: Side height 5.8m, Apex height 6.8m
Large hay storage shed

Hay Storage

Dimensions: 24m x 104m Height: Side height 8.4m, Apex height 9.0m
Large implement storage shed

Implement Storage

Dimensions: 10m x 27m Height: Back height 4.7m, Front height 5.5m
Wide bay farm shed

Hay & Implement Storage

Dimensions: 20m x 38.5m Height: Side height 6.0m, Apex height 6.8m
Large workshop storage shed

Workshop/Farm Storage

Dimensions: 16m x 20m Height: Side height 5.0m, Apex height 6.7m

Get Started Today!

Clients of UltraBay have taken a smarter approach to their shed investment. Through our sales consulting process, we can understand your storage requirements, and optimize bay widths to suit.

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Play the video to hear from our clients what it was like to work with Alpine building their custom shed.


Download the UltraBay brochure

Download the UltraBay brochure.