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Alpine is built tough

Protecting a wide variety of things from the elements means being able to brave the harshest of New Zealand's forces with ease.

A shed can't keep fresh produce fresh, hay dry or contractor machinery secure if it's only good enough when the weather is fine. Many sheds are built to withstand most of what New Zealand's unique weather has to throw at it, but all it takes is that one extreme case and everything you need looking after is damaged or lost.

We could explain how the Alpine Building design is built for your environment. About how we factor in snow loading, atmospheric salt conditions and prevailing winds and how, despite all this, you don't have braces reducing the access and useable space of the shed - but then you'd think we were simply blowing our own trumpet.

So let's show you what a few of our customers think and let them, in their own words, explain how their Alpine shed is built tough.


Commercial growers Hinemoa Quality Producers grow potatoes and onions in Pukekohe. Their new Alpine Buildings shed can hold 2,000 bins of produce. The weather is hard on machinery during the winter so they have created a shed that can hold their harvest and also their trucks (sometimes fully loaded). The solid framing system gives peace of mind and the bird-free perch keeps produce free of mess while the clearspan gives plenty of room for trucks and trailers.

Hinemoa Produce-1


Ryan Lusty appreciates his Alpine shed while he services farm and heavy transport equipment. Productivity is key and that comes from having space and span. Ryan finds Alpine easy to work with, even with a few last minute changes to the design. The shed is tough and the timber frame provides sound-deadening for the machinery and welding taking place indoors. The timber also makes it easy to attach cables, wires and even hoses.

June2019 FarmTrader - Ryan Lusty

JFM Contracting

And when it comes to protection from the elements Jared McBride at JFM Contracting understands having a weathertight shed keeps his substantial investments out of the coastal conditions.

Based on the Taranaki coastline Jared's machinery is exposed to the salt sea air, harsh winds and storms rolling in from the Tasman - well, it would be, if he didn't have an Alpine shed. Jared's Alpine shed keeps the weather at bay so his machinery is protected and weather's the storm.

Testimonial Video - Jared McBride, JFM Contracting


Built in New Zealand from decades of experience battling the toughest conditions, the team at Alpine Buildings understand how to design a shed that can keep your valued assets, business, or produce protected.

Hear more from our customers by listening to their stories here or by clicking the link below.

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