Animal Shelters

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Ideal for any livestock farming operation, Alpine animal shelters are a cost effective way to maximise production and trim running expenses. Alpine’s simple but effective shelter designs are designed to help you reach your profit goals, with the added benefit of being fast and easy to install to meet tight deadlines and minimise disruption to your daily operations.

An Alpine animal shelter will give you many reasons to appreciate the investment you make.

  • Happy animals deliver more in return. Keep your livestock warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Minimise ground run-off & prevent pasture pugging and compaction.
  • Boost herd health while increasing production levels and farm efficiency.
  • Timber framing is more temperature controlled than steel and will keep noise levels to a minimum, resulting in settled livestock.
  • Timber design also minimises condensation and moisture build up while regulating and maintaining comfortable temperatures.
  • The Alpine Birdproof Rafter design prevents birds from perching and nesting in the roof cavity, resulting in more settled animals and reduction in lice spread and disease from bird droppings.



There are many factors that need to be taken into account when designing livestock housing. Such factors include natural ventilation & sunlight, and noise & temperature control. Experts recommend animal shelters should include ridge openings of at least 5cm per 3m of shelter width to remove heat, moisture and odours created by livestock. Alpine can design your animal shelter with your choice of either an open ridge, ridge cap, or an overshot roof to enhance natural ventilation. To maintain temperature control, you can add any combination of doors, insulated lining & sidewall openings to your Alpine shed.

Alpine animal shelters can be easily fitted out for your choice of optional extras.

The many uses of Alpine animal shelters include, but are not limited to covered yards, wintering barns, goat sheds, poultry sheds, feed pads, shearing sheds, stables, indoor horse arenas, dressage arenas, horse stalls & calf sheds.

Alpine’s service includes providing a 50 year building consent for your new animal shelter, and supplying your kitset with free delivery to any location in New Zealand! Contact our experienced and helpful team now on 0800 428 453.


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