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Explore the customisation options for your Alpine shed, including custom roof pitch, doors, overhangs, board and batten cladding, eaves, wing walls, step-ins, internal linings, and more.

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Find more information and details on the customisable options available to you. 

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Roof Pitch

A steeper roof pitch is the ultimate way to make your shed a statement piece, providing a design that reflects the look of a modern home.

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Custom Cladding

When choosing wall cladding, it can seem like the options are endless. However, the reality is that cladding options are quite limited when it comes to your pole shed.

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Sectional Doors

Most shed companies use standard ribbed roller doors which are available in coloured steel or zinc. However, sectional doors can be clad in many different materials such as corten steel, aluminium panels, glass panels, or cedar.



There are two common types of roller doors; Series 2 rollers doors, and roller shutter doors. It is best to research what doors are best suited for your shed.

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Overhangs are often added to the front of a shed to form extra weather protection over the roller doors. Not only are they practical, but they also look great and can be a standout feature on your shed.



Similarly with overhangs, eaves are formed by the roof line protruding past the wall cladding. However, unlike overhangs, eaves are found on the end walls of the shed.

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Wing Walls

Wing walls are essentially a continuation of the roof and wall framing, typically on the ends of a shed, providing a more modern, recessed look.

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Step In

A step-in is created when one bay is set further back than the others while the roof line does not change. This can provide increased shelter from the rain when accessing doors, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing feature.


Internal Linings

Lining the internal walls of the shed covers the framing and looks very tidy. Plywood is most commonly used, however not all shed systems can be easily lined out.

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Downpipes and Guttering

Alpine sheds come with coloured steel guttering and white PVC downpipes as standard. However, if you are wanting the downpipes to match the shed, coloured downpipes can be added.


Windows and Ranch Sliders

Adding windows and ranch slider doors to an Alpine shed is very easy to do. As the framing on an Alpine shed is timber, it is very easy to cut the girts and cladding, add a little more timber framing and then slip the joinery into place.

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