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Design your clearspan shed with Alpine to meet your needs

Thief Brewing Limited

We were excited to work with this family owned business to help get them up and running, and ready for production. Based in TaiTapu, Christchurch, Thief Brewing Limited are passionate about true craft beers. Initially producing hoppy IPAs, they are now gearing up to become a sustainable local brewery, producing a range of kegged beers. Transitioning from a 50 litre batch production to 1200 litres per batch requires many large stainless steel vessels. Thief Brewing Limited required a space completely open and unobstructed, providing the maximum amount of usable floor space and floor plan flexibility. Steve and Shirley Gebbie worked with Alpine Buildings to bring their business to life.

Alpine Buildings helped this business owner bring his business to life
A clearspan was perfect for the space this business required


Thief Brewing Limited originally rented and ran a small brewery but quickly decided that building their own shed close to home would save them money in the long run. Transitioning from one keg per brew day to 25 kegs per brew day meant that their space needed to accommodate large vessels for production and ultimately required a design that was optimised for space, height and efficiency. The business also needed a shed built for durability; located on top of a hill meant there was an extra high wind rating and they needed a shed built to last. Atmosphere was key for Steve and Shirley. They wanted a shed they could work in day in and day out, as well as a shed that was easy on the eye.

A clearspan design free of interior columns makes it the perfect shed


The owners Steve and Shirley were introduced to the team at Alpine Buildings after their friend had built one of Alpine's sheds. Loving the look and the feel of the build they worked with Alpine Buildings to bring their own operation to life.

Finding Alpine Buildings patient, obliging and flexible ensured them that Alpine would successfully create a design and atmosphere to meet their needs.

With Alpine Buildings handling the consent process it made for a seamless and less stressful experience, allowing them to focus on their current day to day operations.

This shed works well for this business. A clearspan design, free of interior columns made it the perfect shed for the height and width needed for their vessels, moving from a small keg beer operation to a 3000 litre per week production process.

There are 4 bays at 4.075m wide making it ideal for all of their large equipment. This business makes great use of natural light with 8 sheets of clearlight and the timber frame reduces noise, is easy to line and allows electricity to run along the side of the shed walls.

Eight sheets of clearlight panels were used for natural light


  • Clearlight panels for natural light
  • Flexible design
  • Large clearpsan
  • Timber lineout for sound and insulation
  • Consents handled
  • Sustainable 
  • Birdproof rafters


Customised clearspan shed built to meet this businesses needs


  • 9.0m x 16.3m 
  • 4 bays at 4.075m wide
  • Coloured cladding, Karaka
  • 8 sheets of clearlight
  • Side height 3.725m to 5.363m at the apex (20 degree pitch)
  • Lean-to 4.8m x 12.225m with 3 bays
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