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She sheds are the new man caves!

Everyone’s heard of the man cave but times are moving on and a dedicated space for the man of the house to retire to and enjoy sports may be getting a little out-dated. After all, why wouldn’t a female cave be just as popular? While the man cave might be equipped with a workbench, TV and room for a few toys there’s just as much potential for a shed to offer a quiet retreat for anyone!

Any quiet space often centres around that person’s passion and provides a dedicated corner for that to be enjoyed. When looking at man caves it’s common for that to centre on cars, boats or bikes, so the man cave typically involves the storage of those items and couples that with a leisure zone. Why could a she shed not do the same?


Not a potting shed

Let’s be clear. When we’re talking about a she shed we’re not discussing some small garden sheds which are more practical than passion-filled. A few articles have already explored the small-scale she shed but we believe that all things should be equal. So why shouldn’t a she shed be a massive-scale shed like the man cave?

There are some obvious shed types that lend themselves nicely to becoming a she shed, given the opportunity. For example, some covered horse arenas, stables and tack sheds can be segmented with a section of it partitioned and turned into a separate room. From storing trophies, memorabilia as well as a sofa and TV to watch replays or enjoy events with like-minded friends; there’s no reason why the design of a practical space can be adjusted to offer the same luxury as the typical man cave.


Perfect for projects

From up-cycling furniture, to running cottage manufacturing and a team of people, a larger-scale shed is ideal for your entrepreneurial spirit to take flight. A shed can be added to your existing land and give you the space to get business done. Safe and secure, whatever you’re making can be left overnight with the peace of mind that the roller doors are a solid choice for keeping machinery out of sight.

Large-scale kilns and ovens can be easily integrated for industries like glass-blowing, pottery and fabricating custom jewellery. Lighting can be carefully considered to give you the right atmosphere to do your best work.

If your business aspirations don’t include being on the high street of town then why rent an expensive facility when you could buy a shed that adds value to your existing property?

Whether you’re the next Grace Hopper (a pioneer in computer technology) or Stephanie Kwolek (the inventor of Kevlar, the material used in bullet-proof vests) having a dedicated space to develop, research and turn your ideas into a reality is even easier with a large-scale shed.

She sheds are becoming just as popular as a man cave

An investment

As hinted earlier there are several benefits to building a shed on your property. Not only does it give you a dedicated space for your projects or aspirations but it becomes a physical asset on the property. Even if you never intend to sell your home the shed can be factored into the equity and overall valuation of the property.

This means that it could contribute to the security value if you require a bank loan to turn your hobby into a business.


Shared shed?

Another option is to create a shared man cave/she shed. It’s relatively easy to add partition walls into timber-framed sheds (like an Alpine Buildings shed) so you could easily create two separate spaces to be used as needed. Why not take things to another level by having separate roller door access with unique keys so your space remains yours to enjoy?

Or you could simply decide that the shed is a shared space to intermingle your passions together. If that causes too many disagreements then how about settling on it being a space you can both enjoy by filling it with games, fitness equipment and a social setting for friends to enjoy.

However you choose to enjoy your shed you can rest assured that the team at Alpine Buildings are prepared to guide you through the many considerations you’ll need to be aware of. From consents to prepping your shed for solar power the team have the experience to help you along the way.


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