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FEATURED PROJECT: Insulated Calf Shed

Installing Bondor Panel into calf shed

The combination of Freezer Panel and Yorkshire Board in this new Alpine calf stall will reward one Canterbury farmer with a high quality investment that will last for years to come.

The Freezer Panel we used in this job is a pre-finished walling and roofing panel with an insulated core. Freezer Panel is used in many different applications including animal shelters, cow sheds & cow barns, calf rearing sheds, piggeries, poultry sheds & wineries.

Calf sheds with Bondor panelFor these Alpine calf stalls, we used Freezer Panel up to 1.2m high and finished off the walls with Yorkshire Board. This helps to keep direct draughts away from the calves, while maximising natural ventilation. Similar to SIP panels, these panels feature an insulating layer between to structural boards. This design means both the insulation and structural rigidity are combined within the panel. Even though the sheds don't need any additional structural support the added benefits come in insulation and weather tightness, providing an increased level of comfort for the animals within.

The Coloursteel paint finish of the pre-finished freezer panel is very low maintenance and easy to clean, keeping hygiene levels high. This shed also uses clearlite roofing to utilise natural lighting, reduce electricity costs, and control disease.

As with all Alpine sheds, the birdproof rafters minimise places for birds to perch in the roof cavity, reducing the spread of avian borne diseases as well as reducing mess and increasing quality of life for the calves below.

Advantages of insulated calf housing, including:

Insulated calf shed interior

  • Cost Savings: Insulation can result in efficiency gains of between 20 and 30 percent.
  • Comfort & Health: The passive temperature control offers protection from cold weather and ultimately better health, especially for young animals. The insulation also provides sound control, making for more settle animals.
  • Efficiency: Decrease in mechanical heating costs and less possibility of water supply freezing. Insulation also reduces the need for fossil fuels, making for a more environmentally friendly shed.

Talk to the team at Alpine Buildings today for more information about your new generation calf shed, wintering barn or stable.


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