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Alpine Buildings' Staff Top Shed Picks for 2023

As the end of the year approaches, the Alpine team has been reflecting on the projects we worked on in 2023. From the top of the North to the deep South, our kitset sheds have gone nationwide. 

There have been many highlights this year, such as increasing our Rapid Range, launching the Steel Portal Range for rural properties, and creating a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to assist you with your many questions about your new shed project. 

There were many reasons why each project stood out to the staff, take a look at some of the team's favourites below.

Mancave kitset shed

Staff Member: Brad Person, Sales Consultant

Location: Rotorua Area

Dimensions: 12.0m x 12.0m long

Use: Man cave

What made this shed stand out to you?

This shed is a favourite for its awesome visual appeal. The cedar sectional doors make it stand out, with a sophisticated and architectural look. Being located close to the lake, this shed is used to store many toys and boats side by side and is the ultimate man cave.

Mancave shed design

Workshop and Storage Kitset shed

Staff Member: Shyhane van der Kaay, Design Technician

Location: Auckland Area

Dimensions: 10.0m x 20.4m long

Use: Workshop and Storage Shed

What made this shed stand out to you?

From windows and ranch sliders to eaves and overhangs, this project entailed many outstanding design features. This shed has 600mm eaves and overhangs on all sides, giving extra protection along with visual appeal.

Workshop and Storage shed design

Machinery Storage shed

Staff Member: Lanny Evans, Installation Specialist

Location: Central Otago

Dimensions: 10.0m x 28.0m long

Use: Machinery Storage

What made this shed stand out to you?

This exciting winter build was one of the best for 2023 and our southland install team enjoyed the freezing mornings working in the ice and snow, along with brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

The shed consists of seven fully enclosed bays, providing much-needed protection for equipment and machinery out in the raw weather conditions that Central Otago endures.

Machinery storage shed, Central Otago

Hay Kitset Pole Shed

Staff Member: Anville Williams, Finance Manager

Location: South Canterbury

Dimensions: 19.2m x 37.2m long

Use: Hay Storage

What made this shed stand out to you?

This UltraBay shed features steel purlins, creating a strong structure and four bays at 9.3m wide. Paired with these extra wide bays, this clearspan design maximises space as the bays are configured to the bale widths, reducing wasted space. This results in more efficient hay storage and allows for easier access with large machinery.

South Canterbury Kitset Hay Shed

Farm Machinery Storage Shed

Staff Member: Rogan Rountree, General Manager

Location: Auckland District

Dimensions: 20.0m x 48.0m long

Use: Farm Machinery Storage

What made this shed stand out to you?

We always love a large Alpine Building so this 20.0m x 48.0m clearspan shed was a highlight! With eight 6.0m-wide bays, this shed was designed to store large farm machinery, equipment, and hay bales. The design includes two bays that are fully enclosed to provide a workshop area for machinery maintenance and other projects.

Kitset shed for Machinery storage, Auckland

The A-team have loved working on a wide range of awesome projects this year, each unique and enjoyable. We are excited to see what challenges 2024 has in store for us and look forward to continuing to work with so many great clients.

Check out more of our projects from 2023 in the video below.

If you are looking to build a new shed for your farm tools or toys, require more storage, or simply want to discuss our range, reach out to our team today. We can discuss your specific needs and suggest the best shed for you!

If you're a step ahead and already know what you're after, head over to our shed builder tool and enter all your specifications. Then, one of the team will come back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.


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