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Alpine Building's New Brand Refresh Explained


Being owned and operated by three family generations, Alpine Buildings has designed and supplied kitset sheds throughout New Zealand for over 30 years. Throughout this time, we have embraced the mission to do something better every day — every day we seek to improve what we do and how we do it.

With this goal in mind, we felt it was time to refresh our brand to better reflect who we are and where we’re heading in a way that resonates with you.

What is Changing?

You will notice that our logo and brand colours have changed. The black, white, and aqua green colours have been replaced with charcoal, off-white, green, brown, deep red, and accents of gold. The mountain icon is still featured in our logo but it is now presented in a more modern and refined manner.

In our desire for continuous improvement and product development, we have also increased the design capability for shed customisations, such as eaves, overhangs, wingwalls, and a steeper roof pitch. This allows you to design a shed that is modern, innovative, and compatible with your needs. 

the meaning behind the new look

Our new design combines the hard-wearing nature of our sheds, the environments they are built for, and a touch of refinement to reflect our continued product development.

Our new look features charcoal, off-white, and accents of gold. These core colours are simple to reflect your seamless experience with us from design through to delivery. Alongside these, the earthy green, brown, and deep red represent the environments our sheds are designed to endure. 

Alpine Buildings NZOur new logo was inspired by the ruggedness of mountains, representing the strength and longevity of our sheds that are built to endure the harshest environments. The steep roof pitch is also incorporated, reflecting the modern direction we are carrying into the future, with increased design capability, innovation, and continual product development.

We also included our signature A for Alpine because there is one thing that hasn't changed — we are still here to deliver a forever shed that you can be proud of. A shed that will last you a lifetime, or two. 


If you are looking to build a quality shed that will last a lifetime, download our full range brochure today and explore our range of kitset sheds. We offer many multi-purpose options, including lifestyle farm sheds, agricultural sheds, man caves, aircraft hangars and more. We also offer a fixed price range for those who need something sooner rather than later. 

Alternatively, reach out to one of our experts today to discuss your project, we're happy to help!

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