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Why do Alpine Hay Sheds work so well?


Hear it from Hayden McKenzie - why the design of his new hay shed works so well, not only for him but for many others who choose this design.

Hay is one of the most important resources in the farming world, however it’s one that gets overlooked too often. Improper or inefficient storage can cost you thousands of dollars; whereas a key investment can improve the usability of your hay each season.

While there are many options for storing hay such as wrapping or storing under a tarpaulin, the best method of storing hay is in a barn or shed. The additional shelter provided by permanent storage solution reduces weathering and dry matter loss, while allowing the bales enough ventilation to dry properly.

Hayden Mackenzie from HM Contracting in Geraldine recently enlisted Alpine Buildings to supply a 27m x 55m hay shed. The farmer and contractor had been using covers, but found they were losing alot of hay and needed something safer for his staff to work with.

The design criteria for this project included the use of clearspan steel rafters as Hayden didn’t want a ‘forest of poles’ when loading bales in. The shed is 6m high and bays are 5m wide to easily fit the 7ft bales. The 15m centre is fully clearspan with a 6m lean-to off each side. This minimises the centrepoles and makes a cost-effective cover.

Why choose Alpine? A key feature of the Alpine design is the birdproof steel rafter system which eliminates the need for centre poles, making access and storage a lot easier. With joist hangers that are pre-welded to the hot dip galvanised rafters, the Alpine Buildings design saves on install time while giving the best long-term investment. Other stand-out features include plumb-cut beams, superb quality control, free delivery direct to the building site and superior after-sales support. 

All timber used by Alpine Buildings is stacked and dried before packing into kitsets, making it stronger and lighter. Hayden noticed this and says, “the timber is another good thing. Your poles are spot on and the timber up there is brilliant.

“We’ve used other shed companies before and I just found Alpine easier to deal with. And it’s actually designed for a purpose we need, no-one else could build a shed like this.

“The plans are easy to read, and everything is in the kit; it’s a piece of cake. The builders really love it and they said to me, if you have another shed to build make sure it’s an Alpine one!”

Not only does choosing an Alpine Buildings shed provide the best protection for your hay and reduce forage losses, but it provides easy and convenient access for your machinery and the ability to scale your storage needs as your farm grows.

If you are interested in talking with one of our experienced and super knowledgeable sales team members then click on the image below and arrange a call with our team.

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