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Lifestyle farm shed

May 27 2020

What makes a good lifestyle shed?

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Protect your shed from bird poo

May 18 2020

The benefits of upgrading from an old shed

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Storage Shed

May 11 2020

Nathan's Ultimate Mancave

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Running a business from home

April 21 2020

Get creative and start a business from home

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Home-based business ideas

April 16 2020

Downsizing and running a business from home

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Business from home

April 14 2020

How to run a successful business from home

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Design your dream man cave

March 24 2020

A big kiwi man cave

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A she shed is a great place to work on your projects

March 24 2020

She sheds are the new man caves!

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Understand more about solar panel installation

February 26 2020

Adding solar panels to a shed

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February 25 2020

How to store a classic car

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This clearspan gable workshop features birdproof rafters to keep the farming equipment clean and tidy.

December 18 2019

Our staff's top projects from 2019

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We pride ourselves on making our sheds easy to install

November 21 2019

How easy is an Alpine shed to install?

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