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Most popular shed colours for 2022

Your new Alpine shed will be a fixture on your property for at least the next 50 years. That’s why it’s crucial you are satisfied with the finished result, and this doesn’t just include the practical storage and user needs, but the visual representation too. Choosing the right colour cladding is essential to building the shed of your dreams.

So with 2022 coming to a close, we have taken a closer look at the kitset sheds we have supplied this year to find the most popular shed colours and we’ve discovered some interesting results.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve noticed — and while we’re at it hopefully provide you with some design inspiration for your next shed!

1. IronsanDFrom the Coloursteel range - an example of Ironsand (seen on the roof and doors)

This year's most popular colour (by a long way) was Ironsand. Would you believe a whopping 18.1% of all the colour steel clad sheds we sold this year at Alpine were in the colour Ironsand?!

Inspired by the West Coast, Ironsand has a darker and stronger tone that provides a tidy and clean finish. The brown/charcoal colour contrasts with other coastal environments, such as green or blue, but it’s most certainly not limited to those colour pairings.

As you can see in the image above, the roof and roller doors on this kitset shed look particularly striking in Ironside as they contrast nicely with the Titania-cladded walls.

2. KarakaFrom the Coloursteel range - an example of Karaka colour (seen on the roof)

Our second most popular cladding colour this year turned out to be Karaka. In fact, around 11.3% of our colour steel sheds were in this shade.

With its intense rainforest green hue, Karaka contrasts well with brighter colours, such as greys (as seen above), as well as blues and even other shades of green.

Interestingly, Karaka is one of the most common colours seen around — especially for residential roofing in both rural and urban areas.

3. EbonyFrom the Coloursteel range - an example of Ebony

Among our top colours in 2022, Ebony ranked number three and in fact tied for third place with Windsor Grey (more on this shade below). Of our colour steel sheds sold this year, around 9.6% of them happen to be clad in Ebony.

The darkest shade of the colour steel range, Ebony is a very dominant colour that provides an excellent contrast to the lighter shades and looks stunning when paired with timber.

Fun fact — we typically see this shade used more on our lifestyle sheds as customers really like its ability to provide the “WOW” factor. And looking at the picture of this Ebony-cladded hangar above, we certainly agree it has the “WOW” factor!

4. Windsor GreyFrom the Coloursteel range - an example of Windsor Grey

Coming in tied with Ebony and also seeing 9.6% of this year’s colour steel sheds is the shade Windsor Grey.

While coming in at the darker end of the grey scale, Windsor Grey is an ideal colour if you’re not quite willing to commit to jet-black. It’s an awesome shade that blends well with almost any other colour and creates an energetic style.

5. FlaxPod® / RavenFrom the Coloursteel range - an example of the FlaxPod colour

Last but not least in our top 5 for 2022 is the shade FlaxPod® / Raven. With almost 8.5% of our colour steel sheds this year being built in this colour it’s certainly one to consider.

FlaxPod® / Raven is a near-black shade that is inspired by our native flora and is a natural New Zealand hue that blends beautifully into our environments. This rustic and solid shade pairs easily with many colours; being a muted backdrop or a dominant feature, FlaxPod® / Raven is suited for both rural and residential areas.

There you have it, those were the top 5 most popular cladding colours for our kitset sheds this year. Were you surprised by any of the results? Or perhaps inspired for the design of your next shed?

Either way, you can view more of our colour steel range here to see which colours didn’t make the list. And if you see any you like, you can request a swatch sample to help you choose which colour to go with for your next shed.

View our coloured steel range

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