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Alpine's Top Hangar Sheds of 2018

Alpine’s hangars are designed to protect the investment made in your aircraft, and the strong robust construction of an Alpine hangar will keep your plane or helicopter well protected from the harsh NZ elements. As a clearspan design is essential for a hangar, Alpine’s buildings are ideal as there is no need for knee braces, internal posts or lattice trusses.

Alpine’s emphasis on strength and simplicity makes their hangars ideal for personal aircraft storage or for rental sites at airports. From single props & helicopters to commercial turbine aircraft or your collection of vintage warbirds, Alpine can supply a custom designed hangar to suit your requirements. There's no job too big, or small for Alpine Buildings when it comes to your aircraft needs.

Check out our selection of Hangar sheds that the team have designed, installed and revisited over the past few years?

Examples of hangar sheds

Waikato Hangar

Size: 25m wide x 16m long

Bays: 4 bays at 4.0m wide

Height: 5m side height up to 7.2m at the apex

Door opening: 4.8m high x 22.0m door opening with bi-fold doors

Colour: Windsor Grey Coloursteel

Features: Polished concrete (luxury finish)


An Alpine Buildings Hangar shed

Mandeville Airfield Hangar

Size: 18m wide x 18m long

Bays: 4 bays at 4.5m wide

Height: 5.190m side height up to 6.930m at the apex

Door opening: 4.6m high x 15m wide with an overhead bi-fold door

Colour: Pioneer Red Coloursteel & New Denim Blue Coloursteel

Features:  Has a 12m wide x 15.780m long lean-to attached


See the hangars Alpine have installed across NZ

Alexandra Airfield Hangar

Size: 15m wide x 18m long

Bays: 3 bays at 5.0m wide

Height: 4.350m side height up to 5.615m at the apex

Door opening: 3.850m high x 14.0m wide with sliding doors


NZ hangar from Alpine Buildings

South Auckland Hangar

Size: 15m wide x 30m long

Bays: 5 bays at 6.0m wide

Height: 6.5m side height up to 8.1m at the apex

Door opening: 4.5m high x 15m wide opening with sliding doors

Colour: Ironsand Coloursteel


24m long aircraft hangar

Northland Hangar

Size: 15m wide x 24m long

Bays: 4 bays at 6.0m wide

Door opening: Open gable end


Open gable aircraft hangar

Southland Hangar

Size: 12m wide x 14.4m long

Bays: 3 bays at 4.8m wide

Height: 4m side height up to 5.6m at the apex

Door opening: Open end with filled in gable

Colour: Zincalume


FIlled in gable aircraft hangar

Waikato Hangar

Size: 12m wide x 14.4m long

Bays: 3 bays at 4.8m wide

Height: 4.5m side height up to 6.1m at the apex

Door opening: Open end with filled in gable

Colour: Permanent Green Coloursteel


Why choose Alpine

Building sheds that last is nothing new to Alpine Buildings. From the projects above to durable commercial farming operations, the team have designed solutions for a variety of New Zealand's industrial needs. Whether looking for a hangar for a single prop plane or glider to needing a safe space for commercial aircraft, the team at Alpine Buildings can advise, design and build a tailor-made solution for you.


Download our hangar brochure

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