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Alpine's brand new brand


New Branding Video

When your business has delivered thousands of sheds across the country and is responsible for sheltering people’s livelihoods and prized possessions, the decision to change the brand does not come lightly.

For over 50 years Alpine Buildings has innovated and adapted by bringing leading designs to farmers and families across New Zealand. From the first bird perch-free rafter design, to a kitset layout that’s easy to install, Alpine Buildings has been moving forward since the beginning.

This momentum has not slowed down as the years have passed. From the factory in Timaru the company has developed a strong reputation nationwide. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail has been recognised at the highest level. In 2016 Alpine Buildings exhibited its shed at Mystery Creek Fieldays for the first time ever, and was rewarded with the Fieldays Best Site award as a result.

As the business has moved forward the time has come to also move the logo and colour scheme of the business into a new era.

Alpine Buildings, the company behind the steel rafter sheds

The cleanliness of the new design reflects the ease and simplicity of working with Alpine. Customer service is the top priority of the team at Alpine Buildings; it really is that, black and white!

The move away from the brown mountains and green trees also reflects the type of sheds the team at Alpine Buildings are creating now. Pole barn farm sheds are an important part of the work done in the factory, but steel rafter sheds, and XL commercial steel structures are becoming an increasingly important need that the team are also looking after.

At the core of the change lies that same great business, with the same focus on customer service and creating innovative storage solutions across New Zealand.

New look; same great team.

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