TidySpan® Steel Portal Construction



TidySpan® structures are capable of clear spanning up to 30m+, making them a popular choice for commercial buildings, hangars, wintering sheds and arenas.

At Alpine, we understand your needs. When you build a structure that is the hub of an operation, you want peace of mind that it will last long into the future.

A Tidyspan® building is designed to be a wise investment for your operation, with low maintenance and high durability. We don’t just design to meet the building code, we design to ensure that the building is around for generations.




Check out our brochure for case studies, photos and more information on the Alpine Tidyspan® system.

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Some benefits of the Alpine Tidyspan system over other steel structures are:

  • Structural steel columns: The columns used in the Alpine Tidyspan design are all structural steel. The legs are typically 6 times thicker than other thin rolled steel systems.
  • Box section steel rafters: The impressive clearspan rafters are made out of a rectangular hollow section (RHS). As the RHS is typically only 300mm deep, you get maximum clearance and space inside your shed.
  • Nested purlins and girts: All the purlins and girts (steel or timber options) are nested between the rafters and columns. This gives you the maximum interior width and height inside the shed.
  • No knee or apex braces: The Tidyspan system has no need for large obtrusive apex or knee braces inside the shed. This means you get maximum head room and side room inside the shed.
  • Bolted connections: All rafter and purlin connections are bolted or welded during fabrication. This gives you connections that are much stronger than using tek screws and pressed steel brackets.
  • Fast installation: The Alpine Tidyspan® system is extremely fast to install on site. All the cleats for the purlins and girts are pre-welded on, so the whole shed simply bolts together.
  • Birdproof design: A unique feature of the Alpine building design is the birdproof rafters. These rafters are designed especially to reduce places for birds to perch and nest in the roof space.
  • Hot dip galvanising: HDG is a process that coats the entire surface area of the steel in molten zinc after the steel is fabricated. This results in a protection coating that is 2.5 times thicker than cold rolled steel that is coated prior to roll forming.
  • Timber or Steel framing: You choose! Read more about the advantages of each option in our brochure below.

A concrete floor is optional for all of Alpine's construction methods, meaning TidySpan® buildings are perfect for large structures where a floor is not required. All Alpine structures are designed & engineered to your proposed location, with site specific wind & snow loads.

Read more in our brochure on the link above..


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