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Build Your Shed

If you need a little guidance in choosing your ideal shed then you’ve come to the right place. No matter whether you’re building a hay shed that also needs to be a workshop, or a hangar that also needs to house trucks we can help. Follow the step-by-step questions to receive a custom quote from our specialist team.

How would you categorise the main use for your shed?


Here we have our most popular styles of shed. Pick which one best describes your planned design.


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DJI_0663, edited

Please input the dimensions for your shed.


Choose the bay width you’re after for your shed.

Timber pole shed
Steel purlins

From a single bay to several we can build a shed to accommodate your needs.

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Alister Broughan, DJI_0382e hq

Keep your shed secure and easily accessible with roller or slider doors.


Choose the type of cladding you’re after for your shed.