Hot-Box Rafter®


The ‘Hot-Box Rafter’ by Alpine Buildings is New Zealand’s first completely hot dip galvanised birdproof rafter.

Hot dip galv. is 2.5 times better than any other steel protection coating available, making the Alpine steel rafter system even better than before.

Hot dip galv. joins the growing list of benefits that our building system offers; including 'Zero-Bird-Perch' designed rafters & 'Slot & Bolt' purlin hangers. The Hot-Box Rafter will give you these added benefits:

  • The longest life expectancy.
  • Most reliable & predictable finish.
  • Tidiest long-term result.

Hot dip galvanisation is widely known to be the most reliable and predictable finish with the tidiest long-term result. The Rafters are dipped in molten zinc giving a much better overall coating inside and out, rather than Zinc spray which only protects the outside surface of the rafter and is not such a reliable coating. The hot dip provides better rust protection, and less maintenance is required. Read more about Hot Dip Galv here.

With the addition of Hot-Dip Galv, Alpine steel rafters really are "a breakthrough towards stronger, better looking & longer lasting sheds".

* Hot dip is only available on some standard size to our team for more info*

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