Fast Leadtimes


Ever wanted something yesterday and then your plans changed and you now want it in four months’ time?

Or all of a sudden you need your building “fast as”- let’s see what we can do! With standard size steel rafters and pre-dried timber held in stock, we are keen to do what we can for you.

During the building consent process, the team at Alpine will be in touch to see what your situation is. Some clients want delivery as soon as possible once the building consent is out, and others have delays or different delivery requirements. At Alpine, we give you up to 6 months to take delivery of your shed at the signed contract price.


"We love putting your sheds up, they are tidy, very well organised, on time, well priced, no problem sheds." - Mark, Westport

"Delivered on time and very excellent service." - Dave, Tasman

"The kit showed up on time, the builders showed up on time, and the whole process was really smooth" - Andy, Blenheim

"There's no delays waiting for stuff to turn up" - Andre, Northland

"Alpine is at least twice as fast as other kitsets to put up" - Hayden, Palmerston North

"From start to finish, I couldn't believe the little time it took to complete the job and sign it off for me" - Simon, Southland