Truly Complete Kitsets


Alpine were the first company in New Zealand to start supplying 'truly complete' kitsets. 

Building a shed can be a brain drain if you aren’t sure where to start. With Alpine, all materials are provided except the concrete and any concrete related components. We will provide all screws, bolts, nails, and all other components you require.

All kitsets are triple checked in our yard for accuracy and all components labelled clearly. The kitset comes with full instructions and easy to read plans.

We’ve had a lot of excellent feedback from builders using our kitsets. They love how simple they are to build, how much time they can save and how easy and hassle-free the whole process is, from design to delivery.


“Everything arrived in kitset form like a giant flat pack. The builder was pretty surprised. He fully expected there to be something missing, but everything was spot on." - Jared McBride, JFM Contracting

“Very cost effective shed, the kitset came complete and was easy to assemble.” – Ike Williams, Waidale Rams

"Great to deal with and a great kitset to assemble." - Mark, Northland

"We did the building work ourselves and found the plans and the materials provided very easy to make into a finished product that is both durable and functional." - James, Waimate

"We love putting your sheds up, they are tidy, very well organised, on time, well priced, no problem sheds." - Mark - West Coast

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