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How the right shed will save your forestry business money

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The forestry industry is a different beast to many other industries. Remote locations, specialist gear and teamwork define what it's like to work in a high-performing harvesting team. As an operations manager or owner the top priority is safety for your crews and looking after the machinery because when both are working at their best that's when the best work is done.

Machinery storage may not seem like the obvious place for you to find ways to save the business money but finding the best shed for your operation has a number of hidden benefits, and choosing an Alpine Buildings shed delivers those benefits hand over fist.

Minimal disruption

An Alpine Buildings shed is delivered directly to your site with everything in one place. Unlike your favourite piece of Swedish kit set furniture you'll find the instructions are in plain English and there will be no missing pieces.

No bird mess

Once built you'll find the no bird perch rafters a hidden delight. No birds perching in your shed means no bird mess on your floors and machinery, this eliminates avian faecal matter hazards and clean-up of equipment.

Alpine handle consents

Because Alpine Buildings handle the consents for your new shed you can focus on keeping your site running and focusing on your teams. This reduces the amount of disruption to your day-to-day operations and leaves you to focus on getting the job done.

Delivered quickly and on time

Alpine Buildings are used to handling tight deadlines. Because they have worked with hundreds of businesses that can't afford to wait they appreciate that when something needs to be done by a certain time it needs to get done. Time is money after all.

Secure storage for insurance

Dozers and skidders are not cheap pieces of equipment to insure. Keeping them locked in a secure location when not in use or for long periods can potentially lower your insurance premiums.

Can create a secure workshop

A decent large shed can also be used as an on site workshop for quicker repairs and maintenance. When talking to Alpine Buildings ask about workshop add-ons to see if you can consolidate your maintenance operations.

Sheds can last 50 years

That's right, and Alpine Buildings can last a pretty long time. The Alpine Buildings range includes sheds that feature wooden pole supports, which are sustainably sourced from New Zealand so buying an Alpine shed support the forestry industry.

Adaptable, can add extensions later as businesses grow

Your business is growing and changing. An Alpine Buildings shed is adaptable so extensions can be built on at a later date to accommodate your growing operations.

Can be customised to your requirements

Clearspan for maximum height or wider than normal for that beast piece of machinery. Alpine Buildings are used to customising designs to suit your business, all without breaking the bank in the process.

Drawings and designs handled

Alpine Buildings can handle the design and drawings aspect of planning your shed, which reduces the amount of people you have to deal with which frees up even more of your time to be doing the job you need to do.

Don't take our word for why we should be your choice of shed for your forestry equipment. Check out our forestry video to see why others in your industry love their Alpine Buildings shed.

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