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Extra large span sheds

When people think of pole sheds or timber frame kitsets it can often be in the context of a smaller shed. After all, timber is a great sustainable material but it has height and span limitations, right?

It can come as quite a shock then when we explain that our timber frame kitset sheds can reach clearspans up to 21 metres!

This is because our innovative timber design can be coupled with steel rafters to achieve the best of both worlds. See, while wood is an almost unrivalled vertical strength material it has limitations on its horizontal loading capabilities - whereas steel excels in this area. By combining the two you get the durability, ease, and practicality of wood while being able to achieve spans previously unseen in a timber frame shed.

To help you understand what we mean we've selected a few of our wide span sheds to show you exactly what's possible when we engineer a strong and sustainable solution. See these span-tastic projects below!

widespan shedGigantic grain shed

21m x 43.2m | Fully enclosed Grain & produce storage in Canterbury

This versatile shed needed an obstruction-free inner space for commercial grain storage. While a purely wooden shed would have needed central bracing poles, the combination of timber and steel in this design offers a completely clear interior.

wide span shed nz

large workshop shedSupercharged storage

18m x 18m | Fully enclosed Workshop & vehicle storage in Auckland

Ted Ingram needed a building that could be one place for every race. From secure vehicle storage, to a race prep area, as well as a workshop, the manoeuvring of expensive vehicles meant fewer support poles were a must! Loading and unloading cars in the dry allows the team to be ready for the next race no matter the weather.

It was important for Ted that he didn't loose any useable space within his shed especially when moving big trucks in and out. His concern with other shed providers was that they needed to put additional braces in place for support, meaning he would be limited on where he could position larger vehicles - with our unique design Ted didn't have to compromise on this and no internal space goes unused. 

<< Click here to watch Ted's video >>

large workshop sheds nz

large farm buildingsMassive machinery shed

18m x 20m | Semi enclosed Farm machinery storage in Timaru

Sometimes you just need a large empty space to park anything that needs the shelter. From trucks or tractors, to implements and trailers, a farm has dozens of different pieces of machinery working around each other. This large span shed offers flexibility like no other, and the single open bay shows simplicity is sometimes the best ingredient to a successful shed.

really wide farm sheds

wide span nzExtra large lifestyle lock up

21m x 24m | Fully enclosed Workshop & vehicle storage in Kawhia

Not everyone wants or needs the open-sided simplicity of the previous farm shed. For some, security needs to go hand in hand with their storage needs. In this example the interior space is free of unnecessary support columns and braces giving the owner full forklift movement when loading trucks. At the end of the day the roller doors can be shuttered to offer full peace of mind.

large workshop sheds nz

If you are looking for a shed that's too large for traditional timber framing, but not quite big enough for industrial structural steel then talk to the team at Alpine Buildings to hear more about their innovative hybrid design. Or why not try out online shed specification tool to begin your wide span shed journey today, simply click the image below.

use our online shed builder

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