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How easy is an Alpine shed to install?

Dozens of kitset shed manufacturers say that their sheds are easy to install. After all, you're unlikely to attract many customers if you say that your DIY sheds require a degree in engineering to complete! For many people there's a sense of urgency around getting a shed built. Whether it's going to be protecting machinery or this year's harvest a shed is always better when it's complete rather than lying around as an unfinished project.

Alpine Buildings have worked hard to develop some of the easiest sheds in New Zealand to build. To help explain what we mean by having some of the easiest kitset sheds in New Zealand to build, we thought we'd break down the process and share the thoughts of a few people that have not just put up our sheds, but done it dozens of times. People like Robbie Reid, who was asked to simply do the poles, purlins and rafters on one particular shed build. He thought they'd take a week to do but he managed to do it in a much shorter time than that!


So what's the Alpine process that means our sheds are estimated at being twice as fast to erect as other kitset sheds? You'll quickly see that it's because we take efficiency seriously, from as soon as we're asked to get started.

1 - Fast leadtimes

Our team at Alpine understand that things can change fast and often people need their shed 'yesterday'! Our aim is to be as flexible as possible so during the building consent process the team at Alpine keep in touch so that we know what your situation is. Some clients want delivery as soon as possible once the building consent is out, and others have delays or different delivery requirements as things do change. At Alpine, we give you up to 6 months to take delivery of your shed at the signed contract price.

2 - Deal with the manufacturer direct

With Alpine, you get to deal directly with the manufacturer.

This enables a clear line of communication and ensures that you always know what you are paying for.

3 - Consents, sorted

We get the building consent, making the process easier for you.

Our experienced team does a number of building consents every week and have worked with every council in New Zealand. Not only does this save you time but the councils prefer it as they are then dealing with just one party.

4 - In-house design team

We place great importance on having team members that are highly trained and experienced. Our design team are innovative, motivated individuals who work closely with both engineers and councils to design and consent projects nationwide.

Plans? PS1? Engineer? Building Consent? ... Don't stress, Alpine can do it for you!

5 - Free delivery direct to site

Alpine offers you free delivery direct to your site (conditions apply) and we can deliver right from Cape Reinga down to Bluff. All kitsets are delivered tidy and organised.

The team at Alpine take great pride in having well-loaded units. If you have already had a kitset delivered to your place, you will know that you get updates as the kitset leaves our yard, and further updates while it's in transit.

6 - Complete kitsets

Alpine were the first company in New Zealand to start supplying 'truly complete' kitsets. 

Building a shed can be a brain drain if you aren’t sure where to start. With Alpine, all materials are provided except the concrete and any concrete related components. We will provide all screws, bolts, nails, and all other components you require.

All kitsets are triple checked in our yard for accuracy and all components labelled clearly. The kitset comes with full instructions and easy to read plans.

We’ve had a lot of excellent feedback from builders using our kitsets. They love how simple they are to build, how much time they can save as well as how easy and hassle-free the whole process is, from design to delivery.

7 - Precision perfect

All timber from Alpine is strip-stacked to pre-dry before it goes through a reselection process. The end result is that you get lighter, straighter, stronger wood that is easier and safer to build with.

If you are looking for the fastest, safest long-term investment ensure you choose Alpine.

But don't take our word for it. Remember we said that an Alpine shed was twice as fast to install as other kitset sheds? That comes from BB Construction who have built dozens of sheds over the years. You can hear their full assessment in the video below:

It's for all of the above reasons, and more, that Alpine Buildings can say that we're the easiest kitset sheds to install. From experienced builders to businesses looking to have one less thing on their plate, we make sure the whole process is stress-free.

To get your hands on the perfect kitset pole shed for you and your business simply click the button below to build your dream shed.

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